Pitching Mastership Program v2.1

                                                PMP-201 Package Payment Options

The following enrollments will include some or all of the following:

  • 12 Point Bio-Mechanical Analysis: The F/U 12 Point Bio-Mechanical Analysis is a great way to measure up and see if one's biomechanics are up to par. It is mandated to protect a student pitcher from injuries. Analysis is obtained from two or four camera angles (minimum criteria is two camera angles). It is the student pitchers, coaches, certified instructors, or parents’ responsibility to provide video. There is a web camera option available soon. With this critical information, Fastball University will be able to create a plan to address biomechanics flaw, functional instability, or imbalances.

Criteria needed for analysis:
  • Videos obtained in preferred HD camera at proper shutter speed, ie sport mode.
  • Right-handed pitchers should be recorded in the following camera angles:
  • Third base on tripod as close as possible
  • Behind home plate on tripod
  • In between home and third base
  • Full body view behind pitcher
  • Optional overhead view
  • Left-handed pitchers is the opposite
  • It is preferred to shoot video on a high speed video camera which soon will be available at Fastball University Online Store.
  • There is a one-week turnaround time.

  • Dynamic Warm-Up: F/U Dynamic Warm-up is a collection of video clips baseball specific dynamic warm-up needed to prep the body for optimum performance. These video clips will be continuously updated to provide options for student players, coaches, instructors, and parents.
  • Basic Workout (Video): These video clips will show various ways of strengthen the body for optimum performance in-season and off-season. These clips will have a downloadable worksheet to help track student pitchers’ progress. Various clips will be broken down to full body, body part, in-season post pitching, and off-season training. The video clips will consist of velocity enhancing plyometric movements.
  • Movements for Improvements: F/U Movements for Improvements are a comprehensive series of video clips that address certain biomechanical flaws and timing issues. It will come with keywords and a worksheet to give both the student pitcher and F/U options of which movement frequency. It will monitor good to bad ratio and overall progress.
  • Data Worksheets/Baseball Journal: F/U Data Worksheets/Baseball Journal is used to keep track of progress. It will be used to maintain pitching success. What works for the particular student pitcher and what doesn’t’ work?
  • Highlight Reel for College Recruiting and Yearly Review: This feature is basically a data bank of all video sent of in-game and training sessions that can be sent nationwide (via link and password) to all colleges. This feature can also be used to give a year in review assessment which is crucial for a student pitcher’s success.

  • Talk to a Teacher Program: This service is used to set up a one-on-one conference call to stay in touch, better understand, fix any current issues, etc. Will be able to touch base with our expert staff once a week for as long as needed.

  • In-Depth Body (Video) Analysis and Functional Strength Test: The F/U In Depth Body (Video) Analysis and Functional Strength Test are a series of video clips that are done by a student pitcher and reviewed by our F/U Kinesiology Department. The testing will exploit any weak links.
    It focuses on the following: functional elastic muscle strength, muscle balance, core stability, hip mobility, and muscle and capsular range of motion.

  • Personnel Corrective Body Building Media Program: This is a customized workout and nutritional regimen specifically for a student pitcher’s needs. It focuses on any imbalances, instabilities, or any lack of functional strength that a student pitcher may have. This program will work in conjunction with the F/U 12-Point Video Analysis and also the F/U Body Analysis. There will be an optional weight loss and weight gain plan done by an F/U nutritionist.
  • Rehab Program “Cause and Effect: ”Due to the debilitating nature of pitching, the cause and effect works with an online questionnaire and video analysis. There will be a series of video clips that prevent arm injury. These clips will show how exactly the movement needs to be done. There will be a full narrative showing the importance of the movement and what injury it prevents. The cause and effect portion is linked in with the questionnaire and is necessary to answer the why. Example: Why is my bicep hurting? There will be a series of video clips that will show common flaws that lead to overuse of a particular muscle. Program tied in with "Movements for Improvements".